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Mullet Bay Beach

Mullet Bay is a large white sand beach, with slow rolling curls of waves coming in the beautiful, moon shaped bay. Its active surf makes this an attractive spot to local surfers.

On the left of the beach, there are a few "Lolo´s" where you can get food & drinks. There are many shaded areas, so you can enjoy cover and privacy, or having a picnic.

Mullet Bay is located along the golf course and is easily accessible. The ample parking right next to the beach makes Mullet a favorite with vacationers in the Simpson Bay area.

Mullet Bay is also a wonderful setting to watch the sun go down into the ocean. On clear days, there is a fantastic view of the neighboring island of Saba.

Mullet Bay is also a popular beach for families, and they are also coming over from the French side of St Martin, especially on weekends. Rocks line the shores of Mullet Bay, providing lovely snorkeling at some spots. If you are up for a swim, there are some caves you may wish to explore.

Mullet Bay is one of the prettiest beaches on Sint Maarten. It fits the picture of a tropical beach: wide and flat with a stand of palm trees on the fringe. The backdrop of seagrapes gives an additional cooling natural shade to this picture-like beach.

There is sometimes a rip current at the Bay, and the water can get a little choppy, so better be careful and swim or surf with a partner. Beach amenities are available, and there is volleyball, music bands, and major parties going on over the weekends.

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